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artificial cock such as dildo, dong, ...
1)i got faux pennis in her vagina
2)when in fact he’s going to plunge the faux-cock directly into the hole ...
3) cucumber is kind of faux pennis
by m.b.foroughi May 2, 2010
1) the cavity of the mouth

2) The part of the mouth behind the teeth and gums that is bounded above by the hard and soft palates and below by the tongue and the mucous membrane connecting it with the inner part of the mandible.

3) the space within the mouth, containing the tongue and teeth.

4) opening or hollow part of the mouth.
1) Oral Cavity Infectious Syndrome

2) Oral Cavity Cancer Staging

3) Oral cavity tumors are staged as follows: .......

4) denoting that aspect of the teeth which faces the oral cavity or tongue.

5) The region of the oropharynx consists of a complex three-dimensional musculomembranous conduit communicating with the oral cavity anteriorly, the nasopharynx superiorly, and the hypopharynx/larynx inferiorly.

6) The oral cavity includes the lips and....
by m.b.foroughi August 6, 2009
pussy, vagina, bushy choot, cunt, giney, fanny, muff, poon, cooch, pit, vice grip.........
1) she got the cock into her pulsing folds
by m.b.foroughi May 2, 2010
1)cucumber is kind of faux cock

2) when in fact he’s going to plunge the faux-cock directly into the hole
by m.b.foroughi May 2, 2010
if a situation gets out of hand, it cannot be controlled any more
Things got a little out of hand at the party and three windows were broken. In my first year at college my drinking got a bit out of hand.( get out of hand)
by m.b.foroughi December 17, 2010