v. To screw someone over without principles. Also, to sexually violate another person. This is in reference to the disgraced Subway icon Jared Fogle.
"Yo, Joe, Jerry Sandusky is a total scumbag. He ruined a lot of people's lives. I don't care if he gets fogled in prison for destroying so many innocent lives." Also: "Man, that kid overcharged me at the sandwich shop. I totally got fogled."
by Prankster August 22, 2015
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the act of fondling and hugging in one swift motion, usually grabbing the ass AND hugging as if its normal,
chick1: that guy just fogled me! chick2: Looked like you enjoyed it
by XDaniel April 10, 2010
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When a seemingly normal guy engages in sexual acts with an underage girl.
Example 1:
Guy 1: What's up with Bob, bro? He's been hanging out at the middle school a lot lately.

Guy 2: I don't know, man, he's been talking with an 8th grader. I think he's trying to Fogle her.

Example 2:
Guy 1: Whatever happened to Tyga? He fell off after Rack City.

Guy 2: I don't know, last I heard he was Fogling the youngest Jenner.
by EazyFoSheezy87 August 21, 2015
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Named after Jared Fogle, fogling is the act of ogling at underage girls.
"I think I just caught Mike fogling that group of girls..."
by Mausie August 21, 2015
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A mathematical unit representing 10 gigabytes of child pornography. Named in honor of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle.
We found Ben with 5 Fogles.
by Gizmo1917 October 19, 2021
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To inappropriately check out underage girls like Jared Fogle the Subway.
Dude, you just Fogled that girl. Do you want to go to jail?
by BornInTheBurn September 7, 2015
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to get screwed over royally, as in the TV show treasure hunters
oh man, they fogled us.
Ha! we just fogled your ass!
by Coyote90 August 23, 2006
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