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A formerly obese man who lost weight via a combination of walking, Subway sandwiches, and vigorous use of child pornography. He used to choose between 6 inch or foot long sub sandwiches; now he is getting 6 inches to foot longs of another kind.
Man, the air conditioner was broken at work today and I was hotter than Jared Fogle buying Girl Scout cookies.
by anotherDUDE October 01, 2015
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Add in Subway commercials, he used to be a fatass eating Big Macs and Fried Butter but then he became anorexic and secretly had liposuction and all the people in the world listen to him. Subway is one of my favorite restaurants but Jared makes Subway look like curves.
Jared Fogle: Hey i lost weight eating Subway
Me: U lying dipshit (Feeds Jared some Fried Candy Bars)
Jared Fogle: Nooooooooo
by Flippydaslasher November 04, 2007
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