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n. An individual who steadfastly and resolutely supports the policies of President Donald J. Trump and his cronies. "Alt-right warriors" claim to be anti-establishment while ignoring the establishment personnel appointed to key cabinet and political positions by Trump, who include high-level Goldman Sachs executives and former executives. These "warriors" either ignore or are dismissive of Trump's aim to enforce federal laws against recreational use of marijuana toward states that have chosen by popular vote to legalize it.
Alt-right warrior: "Donald Trump is anti-establishment."
Socrates: "Take a look at the alligators he brought that now infest the Washington swamp."
Also: "You told me you smoke recreationally. He wants you jailed. You shouldn't have voted for him."
by Prankster April 2, 2017
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v. When a person, typically a male youth, overcompensates for low socioeconomic status by listening to hard rock or rap and getting tattoos, attempting to portray himself as an alpha male, when in fact he is subservient in the business world due to his poor education and low IQ. He is, in essence, socially and economically subservient, despite his outward rebellion. Hence the phrase: his cheeks are in the air.
Bob: "That dude is always trying to act hard, but he's stuck in this fast food joint working for the man with his cheeks in the air."

Jeremy: "True dat, homie. Word."
by Prankster November 9, 2016
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n. The scandals, plots, intrigues, and gossip that often infuse the work environment of a fast food restaurant.
Jose: "That coworker is the fourth chick Jacob has banged in this restaurant. These people have no shame."

Joe: "This is typical fast food politics."

Jose: "Did Hunter just snitch on others and cause a nervous breakdown at this store?"

Joe: "Yeah, he stirred things up by going back and forth between people, and everyone is stewing over this fake drama. He may just want more hours by tattling and throwing others under the bus by exaggerating things. It's typical fast food politics."
by Prankster October 30, 2017
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A person who supports the position of corporations without considering how others, particularly workers, are affected, as a result of propaganda or being paid off.
Yo Denarius, that guy on TV who says Americans benefit from outsourcing is a corporate stooge. He ignores that many of these companies which are outsourcing receive tax breaks, and by sending production overseas will be able to dodge domestic taxes, thus worsening the budget deficit. Furthermore, Americans will now have to compete with the slave wages of the Third World.
by Prankster August 2, 2012
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v. To screw someone over without principles. Also, to sexually violate another person. This is in reference to the disgraced Subway icon Jared Fogle.
"Yo, Joe, Jerry Sandusky is a total scumbag. He ruined a lot of people's lives. I don't care if he gets fogled in prison for destroying so many innocent lives." Also: "Man, that kid overcharged me at the sandwich shop. I totally got fogled."
by Prankster August 22, 2015
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The anonymous inventor of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Ursula: "Satoshi Nakamoto deserves a Nobel Prize in Economics for inventing bitcoin."

Joe: "I agree. The problem is no one knows who he is or if he's even still alive."
by Prankster December 30, 2019
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A cryptocurrency that was largely determined to operate as a Ponzi scheme, reaching a high of about $435 in value during its peak, and hitting a low of $0.89 as of today. Bitconnect has a lending platform with promises of returns that are generally regarded as unsustainable, causing people to argue that the returns are merely based on new funding put into the platform rather than the actual generation of profit. Suspiciously, the founders of this platform are anonymous. The SEC and possibly other U.S. government agencies are investigating this cryptocurrency.
Carlos: "It's a scam!"


John: "I just lost my life savings in Bitconnect."
by Prankster March 31, 2018
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