Getting kicked out of college because you have gotten too many low grades.
If you just loaf around in college, you will flunk out. You will then be SOL the rest your life, since you will never have the education you need to get a job any better than flipping burgers.
by CanDA19 June 26, 2006
A synonym of saying "I don't play." The term used when your trying to tell people that you are being serious. By flunking recess you have established yourself as someone who does not play...
Nicole: Your leaving to Vegas this weekend? Really! Quit playing!
Me: I'm not playing. I Flunked Recess cause I don't play...
by Miguel Girard June 2, 2010
1) Flunk Buddy: Someone you're friends with and both partake in the action of failing and being happy because you weren't alone in the process.

2) Flunk Buddy: Also a low GPA student in which u converse about how Funny failing a test is in which to drown out the thoughts and stress of failing classes.
Kid 1: What did u get on your Science Project?
Kid 2: An F- hahahahah

Kid 1: Yay we are Flunk buddies

Kid 2: *GASP* Do you think we can be those COOL super seniors

Kid 1: *cries inside* Yes Flunk Buddy, Yes we can.
by SinR-__\ August 24, 2016
Positive propaganda for the re-presenting of the ideal objects of desire. Comes in a range of sizes – small-medium to extra large and ribbed. Received without prior consent via mail, airmail, courier, personal exchange, drone, etc
1. Did you receive your fortnightly Flunk Mail?
2. Yes. It was terrible, but I have lost my registered Flunk mail disposal receptacle.
3. Here, avail yourself of mine. I don't even feel compelled to read my fortnightly Flunk mail now that I have replaced my letter box with my registered Flunk mail disposal receptacle.
by Karen_Eliot October 13, 2016
Flunk Out - verb

To flunk out is to party on a weeknight before a test, exam, quiz, etc. One gets so inebriated that he/she flunks his/her test, exam, quiz, etc. Another word for faded, throwed, or any other synonym, but with more meaning.
"Hey man, do you plan on going out tonight? You have two exams tomorrow."

"I plan to just flunk out tonight."

"Damn shame, my dude."
by Animal Edge July 6, 2012
when ones penis goes soft during sexual intercourse.
Dude, i was railing this black chick last night and i had a fucking dick flunk, it was real embarrasing.
by markuus August 10, 2006
When you are having pussy sex and you pull your dick out so just the head is in and you rub it up and down till she is realy wet and then you jam it in her ass
Did you hear that Josh did a flunk and dunk on that slut he met on tinder
by Pussyslayer67+2 April 17, 2014