Acronym for the words of "Shit Out of Luck." It is used in reference to the state of having run out of all other options, wherein the remaining situation is less than desirable.
"I didn't finish university, had a child out of wedlock, possess little to no marketable skills..Sounds like I am S.O.L.!"
by THEREALJULIA March 30, 2006
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A name, often used for girls in south america. Sol is a lovely, happy girl with a big future.

Also "Sol" means "Sun" in Spanish. And it is the official name of our Sun!
Josh: who is she?
Kevin: she's Sol
Josh: is she nice
Kevin: very nice and beautiful
Josh: someone needs to get warmed up by Sol

by Delfinaaa WoW January 01, 2015
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A badass motherfucker, slays all the thotties with his 7inch rod.
Sol is the goat
by bigboysol January 14, 2018
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An awesome person who you would love to hang with and loves anything that you would like.
Me: Dude! Last night I met this awesome person.

Friend: I guess you can call them a Sol
by Unicorn-power June 18, 2014
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