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ENFP is a Meyers-Briggs personality type. It stands for

(E)xtroverted i(N)tuitive (F)eeling (P)erceiving
Inspirer/Campaigner/ Growth Teacher/

An intense individual with highly evolved, usually Humanist values and great "people" skills.
ENFPs tend to embrace new ideas first and want to share them. ENFPs ask us to be our best selves and they help us to achieve it.

They are charming entrepreneurs who champion social causes. Representing only 8% of the population, it would be better if there were more of them!
Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers,
Angela ia such an inspiring counselor. She must be an ENFP!
by Ravenrose August 19, 2016
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A person who is addicted to the excitement of drama and danger, who continuously finds and accepts love/sex partners who create or attract dangerous situations. A person who will do anything to keep the adrenaline high.
Sookie Stackhouse can't have a normal boyfriend. She only dates vampires and werewolves. People say she's a danger whore.
by Ravenrose September 12, 2013
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Cannabis, Marijuana
"We smoked a lot of flower last night, and got completely stoned"
by Ravenrose January 31, 2016
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