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An orphan who is on extreme meth (dextromethorphan without the d).
The little girl who had lost her parents was on extromethorphan, before being taken into hospital care.
by SomeoneNew February 18, 2019
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The place where you finally get revenge on people who bothered you in the past.
(Directed at the teacher who called someone a know-it-all)
How is making a small statement supposed to be 'knowing everything?!

So that's getting revenge on Facebook.
by SomeoneNew October 18, 2012
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Giving a sarcastic answer,to show how obvious something is.
My mates and I saw a film on Saturday night.

You mean at the cinema?

No,in the garden shed,of course at the cinema!

That's being facetious.
by SomeoneNew June 18, 2012
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The 'ghost' that you meet when you go to school.A character that comes out of your imagination,and is a criminal to your parents,because he or she took the family money that you were making when developing your hobbies and interests.
School may be boring,but your alter ego still gets to have fun!
by SomeoneNew June 16, 2011
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What teachers mistake you for doing,when you are actually smiling politely.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.
I must not smirk in class.

It goes on forever...
by SomeoneNew December 20, 2012
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Something you say when someone pretends not to be jealous.
A boy fancied a girl,but another boy took her.He pretended not to care,but his friends said 'sour grapes'.
by SomeoneNew May 15, 2011
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Too mentally affected to go deep into things.
He dumped his girlfriend because he was too shallow to sort things out with her.
by SomeoneNew June 23, 2012
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