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Too mentally affected to go deep into things.
He dumped his girlfriend because he was too shallow to sort things out with her.
by SomeoneNew June 23, 2012
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The place where kids learn stuff that they won't even need in the future.
We learnt that at school..but never used it in the end.
by SomeoneNew October 30, 2012
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Technically,the place for child education,but realistically,the place where kids are being blackmailed into admitting their sexual tendencies and whatnot,because the penalty is that otherwise,the teachers will secretly put them into the media,and the kids will know what is really happening when they read books about crime,listen to songs with deep lyrics,etc.
We are all secretly embarrassed to death when we look back on our school days..enough said.
by SomeoneNew June 17, 2012
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A place of education that is meant to look right,but is actually wrong,because the kids are meant to look like they have been put in a certain group,like the special class,to help them socialise,but are actually being kept apart,so they don't pickpocket each other.
They were very upset about being put in a special school,but never why...until later on in life.
by SomeoneNew May 1, 2012
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The stupidly old-fashioned word for 'polite'.
Very sweet, happy, spirited, lively... and creative.
by SomeoneNew April 11, 2018
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The 'ghost' that you meet when you go to school.A character that comes out of your imagination,and is a criminal to your parents,because he or she took the family money that you were making when developing your hobbies and interests.
School may be boring,but your alter ego still gets to have fun!
by SomeoneNew June 16, 2011
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