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Isn't that a pretty flower?
by Deepsmeg December 14, 2003
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Flowers are visually stunning, sticky and wonderfully smelling cannabis buds.
John was dry until he was able to find some quality flowers through his local medical dispensary.
by Oneironauts July 09, 2012
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A symbolism of ones virginity. Can be used in other forms like Deflower. Once you have had your flower removed you can only regain a flower by removing someone elses virginity.
Im gunna go take that bitchs flower.

I have fucked so many virgins i got a flower garden.
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The most evil creature in the world, known for it's tendency to use humans as slaves in places known as "Gardens". These things take hours and hours of life away from their human slaves, and give nothing in return. There is only one creature more evil than a flower, and that is a kitten.
Geraniums ( flower ) suck my blood.
by FlowerResistance July 10, 2008
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flowers (always in plural)

something that's a total mismatch in your current environment
boy a) flowers, in the fruits and vegetables freezer of a community center (wtf lines appear on his face), make no sense to me.Besides, are flowers human-edible?

boy b: i don't know, some uptard brought them in here. people don't eat flowers, especially poor people looking for food during the winter at their community center.
by sexydimma December 11, 2013
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