A female euphemism for getting fingered; so girls can discuss such things in public without attracting attention to themselves.
"I hooked up with Sam last night!"
"What happened?"
"We got talking, kissing - and he gave me flowers,"
by Pierah June 02, 2007
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To fart as you are exiting the shower, but it smells so bad you have to get back in and take another shower.
I totally flowered yesterday.
by bread infection October 27, 2005
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Justin: Dude I just got this skunky ass flower from my dealer!
Dan: This shits Dank but I only smoke Dabs.
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by Drudge_Skeletons November 26, 2017
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Flower means dying, RED situation - in army code/slang.
Example of how you can put the word together

"He's pushing up the daisies"

"We've got a flower here, please call Medical"
by Daniel G, Haïm September 14, 2008
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A boy with girl issues who enjoys playing the guitar and singing
Person 1: Man have you listened to that kid's lyrics, he is such a flower!
Person 2: I know right!
by hockeyhockey654 August 29, 2011
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