53 definitions by Sarah Lambert

A fart or poo that makes a sound resembling that of a machine gun being fired.

*Featured on an episode of Beavis and Butthead.
I was sitting on the crapper and let out an awesome machine gunner! I think the guy in the stall next to me hit the deck!
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
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A magic dump is one that makes you feel alot better. Say for example you have an awful tummy ache and then you poop and it goes away, you just took a magic dump.
My stomach cramps were so awful I thought I was going to die til I took that magic dump.
by Sarah Lambert March 03, 2008
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when you have sexual intercourse with a girl who is on her period and then when you "finish" she licks the blood off your balls, hence the term meatball marinara
Most guys usually dont get any when their girlfriend is on the rag, but Richie always gets a meatball marinara. Hes so lucky.
by Sarah Lambert July 01, 2008
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the act of sucking a dick, more often than not homosexually.
That big white-ass porn star with the coke can dick was peter puffing that black guy with the giant donkey dong.
by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
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What one is forced to do when trying to have sex with an obese female, and does not have any flour handy to roll her in to help search for the wet spot.

Pick a random flap of fat and proceed to fuck it.
I was so drunk last night I went home with a fat chick and I had to pick a flap and fuck it!
by Sarah Lambert March 05, 2008
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guy 1:"Man, look at the size of those nipples!"
guy 2:"Damn, those are totally pizza tits!"
by Sarah Lambert March 04, 2008
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A)What I would name my mustang if I drove one.

B)A musty (stinky) poon tang (vagina)
A) My musty tang needs to be washed and waxed.

B) Wow, you could smell the musty tang on that stripper, i threw up in my mouth a little bit.
by Sarah Lambert March 14, 2008
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