The act of sexually arousing a female. As her vagina becomes wet, her basement floods.
Guy: "I'm flooding the basement right now."

Girl: "You sure are, now fuck me!"
by ProfessorOak January 6, 2010
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Arousing a woman to the point of her getting wet, and then leaving without any sort of intercourse/sexual relief.
I got a call that uber eats was here right as we were about to get down. I was really hungry, so I dipped. Sorry for flooding the basement.
by DB0913 November 24, 2018
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Made famous from the drag queen Ginger Minge on Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 7, flood the basement refers to moistening of the vagina prior to or during sexual intercourse. The joke here is that (as a woman in drag) she is so turned on by said person that instead of being moist, she flooded her pants with twat juice.
I look at Santino Rice and instantly flood the basement. vaginal fluid cunt juice cum clam juice lady smegma ginger minge
by Gayginger May 22, 2015
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guy 1: "houston, we have a problem."

guy 1: "i'm flooding the basement."

guy 2: "oh shit, just think about a chair, it'll go away."
by ProfessorOak February 1, 2009
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When something excites you to the extent of achieving, moist-ness in your genitals.
When I see a fresh case of Yuengling Premium "I flood my basement!"
by OG_STRINGBEAN25 September 5, 2017
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Flooding basements means to turn a girl on and make her wet.
Yo dogg we looking so fresh tonight we gonna be flooding basements at the club.
by lefty2324 August 18, 2012
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