Awesome beer that orginated in 1829, back in a small city in Pennsylvania, called Pottsville, it's the oldest brewry. thank goodness for the cave underneath the building. or their would be no Yuengling today. (because of the Prohibition)
Pottsville, PA..visit and take the tour of the brewry..
by rachel January 9, 2005
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Along with Sam Adams, Amstel and Miller Genuine Draft, Yuengling is proof that America is capable of making a great beer. Beats the shit out of Heineken.
I'm not a cheap, stupid hick, so let's grab a case of Yuengling instead of Budweiser tonight.
by Chernorizets Hrabr March 31, 2005
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America's oldest brewery, its namesake lager is one of the tastiest every concocted.

It's not true that Yuengling can be found "only near Philly." It can be found all over PA, other states throughout the Northeast, Florida, and North Carolina. Believe it or not, Yuengling is actually the nation's fifth largest brewery.

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See also: lager
Yuengling is far superior to Samuel Adams.
by j0e March 29, 2005
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The rights to the name "Oldest brewery in America"(The United States of America) were won in a court decision when representatives of Molson challenged the name. Actually originated in a smaller town in New York, after a few moves, it ended up in Pottsville, PA. Where you will find more people who prefer Yuengling Premium over Lager and its only $10 and a handfull of change for a case of PC's - Premium cans. The proper way to drink this beer is by the traditional means of the teenagers of its hometown. Bush party style, or bonfire for you inferiors. Only thing better than sitting around a fire with your best friends and a cold Yuengling in your hand is sitting around a fire with your best friends and double-fisting it.

PS - We also call "Kegs" Barrels. Get used to it.
Yo chuck, wanna take a half barrel of yuengling up to the rope swing tonight?
by Bruce McMurtrie November 12, 2005
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(Pronounced: Ying-Ling, or Yung-ling to some Pittsburghers, but never ying-a-ling as someone has suggested) Yuengling is America's oldest brewery; located in Pottsville, PA, Yuengling produces several beers including its flagship product, Yuengling Lager. Yuengling is a staple in Pennsylvania and a great beer for the low price of around 20 for a case of bottles. Contrary to some definitions on this page, Yuengling is not just a Philly thing, I am a Pittsburgh native and happen to know that Yuengling is the unofficial beer of the whole Pittsburgh region. Everyone in western Pa, as well as eastern Pa enjoys Yuengling. It is one of the few things that Philladelphians and Pittsburghers can agree on. Yuenling has expanded into other states and is gainging popularity nationwide, but will always be the pride of pennsylvania.
after a long day of working at the bar, nothing compares to coming home, smoking a joint, and pounding a sixer of yuengling.
by YungBoyGeno71 June 11, 2013
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A tasty beer only found near Philadelphia, is america's oldest brewery. Often ordered by just asking for a "lager"
Yo get me another Lager
by Fred January 4, 2005
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(prounounced ying-a-ling) the nasty beer that everyone and their mom drinks (at the same bar together) in Pottsville simply because it's the easiest to get a hold of. also known as "Schuylkill County Piss."
"Hey yous guys, throw me onna dem yuengling!"
by A.N.K. November 1, 2005
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