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n. /floʊ-boʊ/

1. A hobo who lives in a sewer or storm drain, especially those using the flow of water as a primary means of transportation.

2. Any subterranean vagrant inhabiting man-made tunnels.
"The tunnels beneath Moscow host a veritable legion of sewerbound psychotics, squatters, flobos, hookers (or "manholes" as they're called in the local slang), underpimps, pipemen, cricketeers, and thieves - and not a few specimens of truly unique megafauna - warily coexisting in the city's sprawling, twilit netherworld."
-Vitaliy Kaprov, De Historibus Muscovum Chthonium (1924)
by J.H. Pepper June 25, 2009
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undescribable mass of floating gunge
skanky people such as rick nicholson will often look like this after not having a bath for five years.
by crabby crutch October 13, 2003
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the shit that babies are covered in when when they come out of their mums snatch or what comes out when a woman follows through on a fanny fart
suddenly just as the baby was coming out of it's mothers womb the doctor was engulfed in a shower of flobo.
as i stuck my fingers in spencer's mum's pussy she made a vaginal excretion of gas and floboed all over my hand.
by crabby crutch October 17, 2003
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