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Fanfiction-like works of original literature. Stories or novels bordering between being works of original literature and fanfiction of other literature.

Etymology: A double entendre for one of its prime examples, the novel series Twilight, criticized as being an original work of fiction with fanfiction-like refereces to pre-existing works most notably from Anne Rice.
I read this twilit book of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queen of the Damned. It had a Buffy vampire character trying to slay other vampires to help those not infected
by scorchedbad-DCS November 19, 2011
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Literature spawned from the "twilight series". You can find them all over book stores and online, especially in fanfic sites.
Hey man, did you see all that twilit at Walmart in the book section? My girlfriend bought all of them! She's such a team Edward.....
by MusixKelsey August 02, 2010
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the art of defecating into a music store
Wow that was a giant twilit over virgin records.
Hey dick lets do a twilit before we go to the movies
by Joseoh December 04, 2007
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