When an individual or individuals begin to exhibit bizarre, extreme or irrational behavior.
"Hey, did you see how angry Pat got last night when I ate his 20 piece nugget?"
"Yeah man he was flipping patties over it!"
by Kitty butt April 26, 2016
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Fondling ones balls whilst you toss their salad, making for a wholesome meal.
"How did date night go?"
"It went really well, Jill even felt like flipping patties"
by Arun311 July 20, 2015
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Flipping her patty means the guy is going to fuck her and make her flip around for various positions
His girl was calling me spongebob because I was flipping her patty
by Vluestar September 30, 2017
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When one boy flips another boys breasts when they pass each other in the hallway.
Joey was seen patty flipping in the hall the other day. He needs a detention.
by Boom12345778984 August 25, 2017
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The act of playing boobs like a pair of big bouncy bongos
I will flip your patties while you play my dong like a gong
by MandM Productions July 25, 2021
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