(n) (Usually large) female breasts.
Man, check out the bongos on that heet!
by keyshaw May 12, 2004
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A pair of small drums (one slightly larger than the other) normally associated with beatniks. Bongos however, are commonly used in Latin and Afro-Cuban music. If you decide to invest in bongos, be aware that people around you think that they are good at playing them.. this can be fixed by taking your bongos back and hammering a sexy beat with different methods (e.g. slap, muted slap, rim shot, thumb, fingers, etc.)
Bob: Dude, can I see your bongos?
Charles: sure...
(Bob plays a beat with no rhythm, tempo, repetition, etc.)
Bob: Man, I own at this!
Charles: yeah, right...
by thisisnotapseudonym February 9, 2009
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Things that guys like to do puff-puffs with
can I play with your bongos?
by Breast professer June 13, 2007
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when u wipe your hand with ur dick and balls n then put it someone mouth or facial area.
Ohh Mike i want a bongo, it makes me wet.
by McPiMp May 11, 2003
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a californian word that can be used to replace "bogus," but can also be used to replace "sic" (as in "cool") depending on the context.
"i can't believe in-n-out burger closed early today man... bongos dude"

"whoa man that wave was totally bongos dude! right on!"
by zeppelin floyd May 20, 2007
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Yo, look out for the bongos.
by AMAZE December 21, 2002
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