A time when a couple can take time for themselves away from children and responsibilities. While often occurring at night, a Date Night can happen during day hours as well. Not to be confused with a Date, as that is between unmarried couples solely.
MY husband and I enjoy having a date night on Saturday nights when our daughter goes to bed.
by acpisme September 17, 2015
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2 beautiful people participating in a large amount of activities in one night
Bernice and Larry had a date night; they participated in so many activities!
by frankline July 17, 2010
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Date night is the negotiated exchange of a night out for the lady resulting in anal sex for the man.

A double entendre derived from the dried date (fruit of the date palm) resembling an anus.
M: 'So is Wednesday night date night?'

F: 'Only if I get a three course meal, a show and we arrive in a limo.'
M: 'Do we get to do it in the limo?'
F: 'Throw in the best champagne on the menu and you've got a deal.'

M: 'I love date night.'
by sharingispower June 12, 2013
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in order to keep a bond fresh and healthy you make time for the occasional date night
no phones allowed
"its date night, boo. tonight i want you to choose my outfit, do my hair and makeup. tonight is only for you. as it is for me. I want to make you feel so good"
by Krkič January 25, 2020
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Date night is an organized, romantic, stress-relieving activity practiced in Sweden's progressive penal facilities. They're organized by prison officials as a tool to cut down on prison rape by encouraging inmates to have loving, meaningful homosexual relationships. The officials encourage it by providing date night for inmates. These dates are chaperoned by prison guards to ensure their sex acts are indeed consensual.
Dude: Cruncher is on a date night with our prison's most beautiful inmate. Fucking jealous is what I am...
by Red John's Friend January 25, 2022
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A night at your neighbors house that involves Domino’s, deer jerkey and hurt feelings. All with the husbands showing extreme sportsmanship while demonstrating pure domination in the world of 42
Hey Jeremy! Wanna get the wives together for a date night so we can continue our win streak?!
by The actual JJ March 5, 2022
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Also known as "BDN"; Bong Date Night is when a group of friends congregate at a predetermined location (a shelter or place of residence), with members bringing his or her own bong as their "Date". No "Dates" will be shared with any other bro's or ho's, and if any persons show up "dateless", said person or persons shell be shamed and sent home.

1) Hey, let's have a Bong Date Night next Tuesday, I'll bring the "pot"-luck.
2) I was "puffing" on my date last night, dude.
by Mr. Greenthumb December 4, 2008
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