1. an opening or initiating move toward negotiations, a new relationship, an agreement, etc.; a formal or informal proposal or offer: overtures of peace; a shy man who rarely made overtures of friendship.
2. Music. a. an orchestral composition forming the prelude or introduction to an opera, oratorio, etc.
b. an independent piece of similar character.

3. an introductory part, as of a poem; prelude; prologue.
4. (in Presbyterian churches) a. the action of an ecclesiastical court in submitting a question or proposal to presbyteries.
b. the proposal or question so submitted.
5. to submit as an overture or proposal: to overture conditions for a ceasefire.
6. to make an overture or proposal to: to overture one's adversary through a neutral party.
The overture shal be played for the queen
by Ninjaskillz December 1, 2006
Refers to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "Overture to 1812 in E Flat Major" Op. 49. It is a very famous piece and sometimes said to be one of Tchaikovsky's best works. It is commonly played during the 4th of July because of it's triumph over war sounds.
Listen for 1812 Overture during the 4th of July, you're bound to hear it sometime.
by Exhoc December 29, 2005
Song about the war between the Russians and the French that ended in 1812 with the French freezing to death in their camps during the Russian winter (adding to the old stereotype, the Russians use two guidlines in wars, Burn everything or let them freeze) This song was hated by its writer (he was paid a lot of money to write it) It is often hated by performers, due to long monotonous passages, and is hated by many audiences for the same reason, the only plausibly good thing about this song is the finale, it involves cannons and a very loud brass section.
Flute Player: My GOD! our band is playing 1812 overture this spring, it sucks!

Trumpet Player: Yeah, but the ending makes it all worth it.
by Major Andre March 1, 2010
A reverse titty fuck (Russian) where a man jerks himself off to completion using another’s ass crack.
Jared Kushner is very excited for his ‘Russian backdoor overture’ tonight.
by Wingding November 17, 2017
Expectations (Overture) is the overture to Hayley Kiyoko's debut studio album "Expectations." It is said to believe this beautiful compostion is definitely 100% what you hear when the gates to Lesbian Jesus' heaven open.
by kiyokoscenes August 12, 2018
when you cause permanent hearing loss by playing the phantom of the opera overture in their face with 9.99x10^999 speakers cranked at 110% volume
They didn’t like it when he gave me the Phantom of the Opera overture
by Phantom of the Opera is sus September 23, 2021