Pretty decent music production software and it is pretty much at affordable price, so you can buy more crap. It does have some decent stuff that pro tools don't even have. Pro Tools doesn't have a beatmaker thing, you have do this by hand and the beats are hot. And pro tools doesn't have as many cool VSTs as this FL Studio. Pro Tools is generally for pop music production and is used by the major labels. It is great for recording your own band, but generally leave this for the pros. If you want even pro tools to run, you need to buy a bunch of overpriced expensive shit such as the Mbox or a Digidesign mixer, no just anything. FL Studio, just buy a cheap Wal Mart keyboard, get a USB port, pay $100 for FL Studio at Best Buy or your local music studio, and download a few VSTs and you are ready to roll.

And FL Studio is really for people that want to make hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance, rock...anything. It is way better than Pro Tools and is cheaper.
by Kyle 230 May 11, 2010
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A beatmaking software ( previously called fruity loops ), by Image Line.
I use FL Studio to make my beats!
by RB-Productions December 28, 2008
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FL Studio: Image-Line's INSANE creation of a DAW (digital audio workstation.) Image-Line's masterpiece has lead to the worlds biggest producers and DJ's such as Martin Garrix, Avicii and many more. FL Studio has an easy workflow interface and you are able to get your ideas from your head, right into the DAW.
Why do you even use Ableton Live bro? FL Studio is so much better!
by NichtHier May 20, 2019
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FL Studio (also known as Fruity Loops) is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular DAW of all time. Has been used by almost every high-profile EDM producer you can think of. The UI is hella intuitive and is especially geared towards EDM production.

For this reason, FL Studio is usually the DAW of choice for beginners and amateur EDM producers.

Of course, FL Studio has received its fair share of criticism, but those criticisms are usually made by bigoted elitist users of other DAWs (chiefly from Ableton and Logic Pro users). In reality, all are great and is based purely on your workflow preferences.
Some famous EDM producers that use FL Studio include, but are not limited to: Porter Robinson, Martin Garrix, Madeon, Oliver Heldens, Avicii, Afrojack, Bassjackers, Le Youth, Arty, Feed Me, Heatbeat, Maor Levi, Project 46.
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 30, 2021
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