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Progressive house is a very broad sub-genre of house music. In the late 90's, the sub-genre initially became attributed to Sasha & John Digweed's Northern Exposure album mixes, which is often seen as the genre's inception.

Progressive house entered into a 2nd phase in the mid to late 00's. This phase is often and largely attributed to the works of deadmau5, as well as Pryda and Kaskade.

The early to mid 2010's marks prog house's successful assimilation into mainstream pop music. This period is the peak of mainstream prog house, with Avicii's "Levels" and SHM's "Don't You Worry Child" being one of the many tracks that managed to become a worldwide hit. Also notable are Zedd's Clarity and deadmau5's The Veldt.

From 2015 and onwards marks its slow demise in the realm of mainstream music, and now only remains in the underground scene.

There is really no right way to define progressive house music, as its sound is quite eclectic. Aside from technical differences, the main key differences between prog house and other similar genres (e.g. trance, deep house, techno) are the feelings and emotions associated with it. Prog house is generally more happy and uplifting compared to techno (i.e. more melodic). And unlike uplifting trance, it lacks the energetic qualities and instead makes you feel calm, meditative, and peaceful. It can also elicit feelings of nostalgia.

For examples of what 'true' progressive house sounds like, check out MrSuicideSheep's 'Taking You Higher' Mixes.
Mary: OMG I think I just found my new favorite genre! Progressive house!

Justine: Oh cool, never heard of that genre before

Mary: It's EDM but it's nothing like you'd hear at a nightclub. When I listen to these songs I imagine myself chillaxing on a beach or going on a cruise

Justine: Oh wow that sounds amazing! Where can I find some songs like that?

Mary: I just look up 'progressive house mix' on YouTube and start binge-listening to those. My favorite prog house artist so far is Dinka.
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 20, 2020
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FL Studio (also known as Fruity Loops) is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular DAW of all time. Has been used by almost every high-profile EDM producer you can think of. The UI is hella intuitive and is especially geared towards EDM production.

For this reason, FL Studio is usually the DAW of choice for beginners and amateur EDM producers.

Of course, FL Studio has received its fair share of criticism, but those criticisms are usually made by bigoted elitist users of other DAWs (chiefly from Ableton and Logic Pro users). In reality, all are great and is based purely on your workflow preferences.
Some famous EDM producers that use FL Studio include, but are not limited to: Porter Robinson, Martin Garrix, Madeon, Oliver Heldens, Avicii, Afrojack, Bassjackers, Le Youth, Arty, Feed Me, Heatbeat, Maor Levi, Project 46.
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 30, 2021
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Someone who dives head-first into an online thread/chatroom only to derail the conversation by trolling or saying stupid shit. Disruptors exist virtually anywhere, but the example below is from a live twitch chat.
Matt32489: Hi everyone!
Nick73534: Hey!
Lily82892: cheer20 Thanks for the amazing content as always!

User42069: You are hot plz marry me
Sal73534: What game is she playing?
Nick73534: @Sal73534 Dead by daylight
Sal73534: Thanks :)
User42069: I love cum
Moderator: @User42069 Get banned ya filthy disruptor
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer July 24, 2021
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An umbrella term for a wide range of electronic music genres that have a discernable beat. Usually the prototypical representation of EDM has always been 128BPM house music, but obviously it goes way beyond house. A list of most EDM genres and its subgenres can be found below.
EDM genres and its subgenres.

House Music:
-Deep house
-Electro House
-Electro Swing
-Big room house
-Progressive house (my fav)
-Future house
-Tropical House
-Melodic house
-Ambient House
-Organic House
-Tech house
-Acid house

Trance Music:
-Uplifting Trance
-Psychedelic trance
-Progressive trance
-Tech trance
-Acid trance

Hip Hop Music:
-Hip Hop itself

-Industrial techno
-Hard Techo
-Acid techno (generally just known as 'acid')
-Ambient techno
-Minimal techno

Garage Music:

-Future garage

Drum and Bass
-Liquid DnB

-Acid breaks
-Big beat
-Progressive breaks


Nostalgic Electronic Music:
-Hypnagogic pop
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 30, 2021
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In the realm of psychology (which is a real science based on the scientific method), a continuum is one of the newer and more preferred ways of classifying psychological disorders, and is currently on its way to replace the outdated categorical approach in the DSM-6.

It has been proven that the dimensional approach (which uses a continuum) is far more superior than the categorical approach. When using the categorical model, if someone didn't meet at all the criteria for depression then they wouldn't be diagnosed with depression. This is problematic as obviously that person has depression to some extent. Essentially the dimensional approach introduces a continuum where instead of relying on fixed criteria, it instead uses a continuum of ranging from most healthy to least healthy (which can be thought of as a numerical scale). Therefore, using a continuum provides much greater accuracy and precision in diagnosing disorders.
In order to gain greater accuracy in diagnosing NPD, the psychologist used the dimensional approach instead, which measures on self-centeredness on a continuum of low to high.
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 26, 2021
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A type of chill music genre that is, by and large, copyright-free. It is widely encountered as the background music of almost every YouTube video or Twitch stream. Lo-fi hip hop started off as a unique genre which grew popular in 2016, but has now become rather mainstream, with more and more amateur producers trying to replicate that quintessential mellow lo-fi vibe, and more and more content creators depending on this music.

To achieve the lo-fi hip hop vibe, you will need all of the following:
1) Vinyl and/or ambiance background loops
2) Lo-fi drum samples (primarily found on splice.com)
3) Continuing, a hip hop beat with a large amount of swing applied
4) Mellow sounding instruments like a Rhodes piano, Kalimba or acoustic guitar
5) Amping and distortion for that fuzzy effect
6) Various mellow-sounding foley sounds (e.g. leaves crunching, gentle footsteps)
7) Some musical creativity (this is all dependent on your knowledge on music theory and your familiarity with good-tasting music in general)
Unlike most producers, lo-fi hip hop producers tend to stay behind the scenes, wanting to draw little attention to themselves. These producers mainly produce music not for money, not for popularity, but simply for curiosity and general fondness with the genre. They need not be experienced with music theory to make lo-fi hip hop, but rather a passion and keen sense for music is sufficient enough.

Thus, lo-fi hip hop, to a degree, sort of presents itself as a grassroots movement made up of various amateur producers that want to experiment with this genre. Nobody really knows who these producers are, all we know is that they make some great-sounding music that turns out to be 100x better than what any high-profile pop producer could make.

(This definition was written by a long-time EDM producer.)
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 24, 2021
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A YouTuber that primarily caters to technology and consumer electronics. They often review smartphones, laptops, computers, peripherals, and other cool tech. TechTubers have become a very popular category of content creators this past decade. Examples of some well-known TechTubers include MKBHD, LinusTechTips, Unbox Therapy, JerryRigEverything, MrWhoseTheBoss, MrMobile, iJustine, and many more.
Bro 1: Who's ur favourite TechTuber?
Bro 2: LinusTechTips and MKBHD for sure
Bro 1: Oh nice, my favourite is MrMobile, you should definitely check him out as well.
by Idiosyncratic Misnomer June 09, 2021
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