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DAW= Digital Audio Workstation. A term usually used to describe a PC or a Macintosh Computer that is used primarily for Music Creation and Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Audio Files. Found is many Home studios as well as Professional Recording Facilities.
Dude, that studio I was at last night had a 48 Track Pro Tools DAW.

Hey man, I got my new DAW setup, wanna come and record ?
by Triple-X February 01, 2005
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It's like saying "aw", only you start out with your mouth closed, so it comes out as "d'aw". It's not commonly known, but it is commonly said. Nor is it a proper contraction, but something said unconsciously.
"Dang it, we just lost the game!"
by Inkjinx July 30, 2009
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acronym for "desperate attention whore". Used on the internet.
Why is your skirt so short ? You're being a DAW dawg.
by Ricky February 13, 2004
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A word meaning "epic" to be used in place of epic because epic is no longer an acceptable word as it is just too overused. Invented by the fans of and named after YouTube celebrity Shane Dawson.
Man, that band is totally daws!
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Daws is a badass everyone wants to be. Simply smirking makes the girls go crazy.
Janet: Did you see Daws?
Kayla: Yeah what a awesome badass!
by Thoboi July 10, 2018
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dog A friend. Commonly interpretted as "dog" the actual pronunciation/use is daw with no "g".
Wassup daw!
by Lucid Dragon March 14, 2003
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