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An upcoming French producer with one of the SEXIEST sounds in electro/fidget-house. Recently rose to fame through his remix of deadmau5's "Raise Your Weapon."
guy: yo did you hear Madeon's new single, Icarus?
girl: you mean the only song that can give me an orgasm?
by crashride March 01, 2012
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A 17 year old pop/house producer from France. Probably will be super famous in the future. He makes horrible music sound like the best thing ever.
"Have you seen Pop Culture by Madeon on Youtube?"

"Yes! It reminded me of that time when God created the world."

"Yea, he is a genius!"
by ♥With love♥ September 24, 2011
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The second incarnation of Daft Punk and probably the reason why they have practically disappeared since the end of their last tour.

Quickly picked up by god of all things dance music, deadmau5, to release stuff on his label and join the likes of artists such as Skrillex who became Über popular after they released stuff with him, after a video of him mixing 39 songs into about 3 and a half minutes like a boss went viral for it being awesome
"Have you heard that new track Icarus?"

"OMG yes! who made it?"

"This kid called Madeon"

"He's gunna be huge real soon"
by djcarrboy April 22, 2012
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