“Yo jimmy, you 3-star that bitch yet? “
“Yea bro we did all three! “
by Bruh123445666 December 17, 2022
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Having a threesome (nothing more and nothing less)
The 3 star we had was very fun, maybe next time we will get 4 people.
by Mantequilla December 13, 2007
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When the girl is laying on the bed naked and the man spreads her legs and keeps them wide open, then proceeds to fuck the living the shit out of her. The combination of spread legs and bent arms creates the illusion of a 3-pointed star. If you don't believe me, I highly encourage you to walk down to the nearest corner, pick up a hooker, and proceed to fuck her brains out. You're welcome.
Person A: "Dude, last night Jenay and I fucked like wild monkeys!"
Person B: "No shit?! Atta boy, you guys screw doggy style like always?
Person A: "Well first we had the face-fucking, then we did The 3-pointed star, my cock felt like a meteor shower."
by #getatmebro December 8, 2011
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When you find that Paper Mario: The Origami King has the same shitty mechanics like Sticker Star and Color Splash.
A: Hey, have you played Paper Mario: The Origami King yet?
B: You mean "Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3"? Nope, that games sucks just like its predecessors!
by amogusamoguseverywhere May 16, 2021
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What does it mean when you from the hood and you have 3 stars
What does it mean when you from the hood and you have 3 stars
by November 19, 2021
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