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An umbrella term referring to a range of individuals that engage in physical activity by choice. Fitters may include those looking to 'get fit', those who enjoy exercise, and those who engage in competitive physical activity.
In junior high school, Mariam engaged in team sports. She was a fitter.
by You can't handle my vocab. November 28, 2016
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A doer is a person who has a seemingly impossible idea and persists until the idea is fully actualized. Doers cannot help but make others around them feel woefully incapable and lacking of the amazing creativity of said doer. Often non-doers live vicariously through doers. Being 'hunka-ed' is what happens when a doer hatches and actualizes an impossible plan.
I know this doer that moved to Europe with nothing and started an amazing career as a food critic. She really hunka-ed that idea.
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