1) The only reason I sat through Twilight and New Moon.

2)The man who is single-handedly hotter than the rest of the male cast of Twilight and New Moon.

3) Kick-ass musician in the band 100 Monkeys.

4) All round sexy mo-fo.
GIRL 1: OMFG Jackson Rathbone!!
GIRL 2: Who the fuck is that?
GIRL 1: DUDE! Sexiest man alive!!
by LoLTwilightLover124 April 26, 2010
Jackson Rathbone, born in Singapore. He has lived in many places ranging from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. He went to a performing arts school in Michigan, Interlochen Arts Academy. After he decided to go to LA to try things out. Low and behold he turns out to be dare I say it the best up coming actor of our time! I've heard, the next Johnny Depp? I THINK SO! Most know him as Jasper Hale on Twilight but he has done far more including movies like Dread, Hurt, and Senior Skip Day, ect. So not only can he be a Sexii Vampire but also play a very cute pot head! He will also be in the upcoming M. Night movie The Last Airbender! Oh! and did I mention he is in a band?? That's right girlies, his band is 100 Monkeys! Btw they are fantastic! So I would watch out for this multi-threat Actor!
Bernice: I just love Rob Pattinson
Ruby: No way! Jackson Rathbone is way better!
Bernice: Jackson who???
Ruby: You idiot he plays Jasper the brooding blonde one that used to be a Major in the army! Not only is Jackson an actor but he also sings, plays guitar,harmonica, drums, and trumpet and who knows what else in his band 100 Monkeys!
*Ruby shows Bernice a picture of Jackson and let her listen to 100 Monkeys on her Ipod*
by MaryleeFender March 15, 2010