A pretty girl that can often cause some trouble, she can be independent and has a good sense of humour, very funny . She can be tough when needed but also very understanding, Jubilee is however not the best at focusing but can achieve high when she is concentrated. She can also be a bad ass , and has quite a relationship life
by Jason rickety April 24, 2019
Jubilation Lee, one of the X-Men. Mutant. also called Jubes, or firecracker. she has the power to explode matter at a subatomic level, generating bursts of plasma. She used to be Wolverine´s sidekick, she was for a while in the Generation X team, now, after dying, she came back to the X-Men.
Jubes was the coolest mutant of all the GenX kids
by Lara February 20, 2004
An smart girl that can be a freak sometimes and doesn't care who sees.although she flirts she doesn't observe steong feelings towards anyone she just wildin and chillen with no care in the word claiming she a child of God knowing damn well she thinking bout d*** rn
by Kiddxx December 20, 2016
To absolve one of their debts by a random act of kindness. This act is generally carried out between friends that regularly engage in games of chance the involve monetary risk. The debt is not considered lifted until the borrower verbally states "JUBILEE"
Larry was into him for $25 until Andrew generously declared "JUBILEE" and relieved him of his current debts.
by akellz September 11, 2015
A white girl who likes to run around naked singing about how much she likes anal sex and says the N word as much as humanly possible.
The other day Jubilee got naked and starting to sing “I like big black nigger cocks in my butt
by Db.on.db September 19, 2021
A school full of self centred bitches and judgemental nerdy assholes who all believe they are elite however the most they will amount to in their life is flipping burgers at mcdonald’s
oh my god that girl is definitely from jubilee
by farfoora December 12, 2019