Ragnarok Online (RO) is a Korean mmorpg by Gravity. Ragnarok is a pay to play game, but there are numerous private servers where you can play free of charge.

Ragnarok players have two seperate levels: the base level and the job level. Job levels reward players with skill points which can be invested in skills, which are class based. Gaining a base level rewards the player with stat points which they can invest in six different stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Luck). Strength (STR) increases physical attack damage and carrying capacity, and reduces the chance of being afflicted with the Bleeding status. Agility (AGI) increases your attack speed (ASPD) and your Flee (dodge). Vitality (VIT) decreases damage taken, increases HP and HP regeneration, increases the amount healed by healing items, and reduces the chance of being affected by some status ailments. Intelligence (INT) increases magic damage and magic defence, max SP and SP regeneration, and reduces the chance of being affected by some status ailments. Dexterity (DEX) increases hit rate, attack speed (but not as much as AGI) and cast speed, as well as minimum damage. Also increases bow and gun damage. Luck (LUK) increases the chance of doing critical hits and perfect dodge, and slightly decreases chance of being afflicted by all negative status ailments. One can build their character by having different amounts of different stats. this allows diversity between characters.

There are many diverse cities in the world of Rune Midgar, Prontera being the capital. Other cities include Izlude, Geffen, Payon, Archer Village, Alberta, Morroc, Al de Baran, Lutie, COmodo, Juno, Amatsu, Kunlun, Umbala, Nifflheim, Louyang, Ayothaya, Einbroch, Einbech, Lighthalzen, and Hugel. These cities are extremely diverse. For example, Morroc is a desert, Einbroch is a steel city, Payon is a forest, Louyang is in the style of the ancient Chinese, and Nifflheim is the city of the dead. Between these cities are fields filled with monsters, and sometimes a dungeon can be found in the middle of nowhere. These dungeons can go very deep and are filled with stronger monsters than what you'd normally expect.

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, all races and elements. Some are aggressive and some help their friends. Monsters can even be captured and will help you in battle. Once in a while, an extremely strong monster can be found in a dungeon. these are bosses (MVPs). MVPs can summon minions and are much stronger than the rest of the monsters in the dungeon. It is usually extremely hard to kill an MVP, but once slain, they give out a handsome reward, in the form of MVP drops. These drops are often worth a lot and can be sold at a great price.

The class system gives players the chance of diversifying their characters. New players start out as a novice, and will soon be able to change jobs at job level 10 to become either a swordsman, theif, mage, archer, merchant, or acolyte. An alternative choice is to wait until base level 45 to become a super novice. New expanded classes are a bit different from the normal classes. These classes include Tae Kwon, Ninja, and Gunslinger. The Tae Kwon class can become either Star Gladiator or Soul linker classes upon reaching job level 40, although reaching job level 50 before changing jobs is advised. The second jobs of swordsman are knights and crusaders. Theives can become either assassins or rogues. Mages can become Wizards and Sages. Archers can become hunters and bards (or dancers for females). Merchants can become blacksmiths and alchemists. Acolytes become either priests or monks. Once a character reaches base level 99, they can be reborn as a 1/1 (Base level 1/Job level 1) novice high, which takes 3 times the experience to level up. Once a character reaches the second classes, they become advanced second classes instead. These advanced classes have more skills and 30% more HP/SP. These classes are named Lord Knight, Paladin, Assassin Cross, Stalker, High Wizard, Professer, Sniper, Clown (or Gypsy for females), Whitesmiths, Creators, High Priests, and Champions.

Players of RO have almost total freedom. Players can wander the world of Rune Midgar, which is filled with various monsters to kill, and many cities throughout. Players are encouraged to socialize and make friends. People are free to create and join parties, who train together. One can even create a guild with the help of a rare item called emperium.

Items can be obtained through npcs, other players, or from slain monsters. Some rare and powerful equipment can be obtained through quests. Items are separated into 3 groups. One group is items that can be used, like potions and herbs, and other items that have special effects. Another group is equipment, which can be worn on 10 different slots (top head, middle head, lower head, right hand, left hand, armour, garment, shoes, and 2 accessories.) Some equipment have special effects and these are generally rare to find. Some even have slots (up to 4) for cards!

The card system in RO is what seperates the best players from the crowd. Cards are rare drops from monsters, and each card has its own effect. Cards can only be attached to the equipment specified in the card's description, and only if there is a free slot available. Card effects can range from damage bonuses to stat bonuses to immunity to status ailments to special effects. Of course, the best cards are a pain to find, and are worth a lot on the market.

The Guild system is a way to be recognized in a server. Guilds can level up, and the guild master can use special skills that affect the guild. Guilds can also participate in War of Emperium (WoE), where guilds invade castles and try to take them over by destroying the Emperium at the center. The guilds that control the castles have to protect the emperium as best they can, or another guild will take the castle.
This freakishly long definition is brought to you by BobThompkins, a huge fan of Ragnarok Online.
by BobThompkins June 6, 2006
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Produced by Gravity Corp. A persistent multiplayer video game where players choose a character classification (job) and amass experience points by slaughtering cute, albeit dangerous monsters. It's main focus is the social interaction among players. Guilds and parties allow teamwork to be used for shared rewards. Similar to Diablo 2 in play style. Graphics resemble Secret of Mana. People who spend long hours playing tend to collect various hats that display in game and bestow social status ranking among fellow players.
Ragnarok Online was popular even in beta.
by sravat June 1, 2003
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A MMORPG game that takes over peoples lives. It makes (and breaks) relationships, and causes boyfriends to be glued to the internet and computer like it's their freaking feeding sack. o_O

It is also a great game in which you can gain levels, collect assorted cute headgears, collect a multitude of other items, and obtain high levels of character power. It has a diverse community, and the graphics are extremely cute.
Ragnarok pwnz u fkers. lolol rlh haughhhhh555!!
Me: Jon. Get off of RO
Jon: omg no %55 lbvlsdgs!!525236
Me: Get. Off..
Jon: D:::::: D::

Candace: ^_^ WEETSDOO! Time for RO!
Candace: GORDITAS!!! 555!!!!!! MUST SAVE MOTHER GEFFEN~!!!!!
by Sausagehidesman September 26, 2004
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A MMORPG created by Gravity Corp. (Which I guess they have more MMORPGS out there, but this far the best.)
People are rather nice there possibly because of the strict rules or just because of personality.

Also a MMORPG which if full of girls 0.o (strange...), I actually know one who plays it and is my neighbour (and she is not fat, ugly and nerdy you faggots).

Consisting on 1 starting class which then becomes 6 more classes which then become 13 more classes (I think).
Acolyte (me): *Killing a poring*
She: Could you please heal me?
They: Heal us with your might holy god.
Me: o.0!!!
by realass dude October 6, 2004
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MMORPG, which is teh fun. There are far too many aspects of the game to list in one sitting, and it swallows days at a time of your life. In short, a bloody good game.
I can't you missed our Wedding Day!
I'm sorry, dear, I was playing Ragnarok...
by Flippy_D October 26, 2003
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MMORPG which Spiffy Hamster enjoys playing. Some people are far too addicted. Many bots. However, I really like this game. Playing it right now...
51/37 Battle Acolyte bound to be Monk TODAY.
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
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