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1: (General Use) Meaning to steal from someone or to scam them.

2: (Gaming) To outplay someone.
Person 1: "Yo, how much you pay for this bag? Ain't nothin' in here but grass, fam."

Finessed Person: "Nigga what?"

Person 1: "Bruh, you got finessed."
by DJ Garlic Bread December 14, 2016
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Street word meaning to make a profit off of someone by fooling them to buy something that is low quality or not real. This can be a good thing if your the finesser.
Man that nigga @cbjo_o finessed me with these fake ass jordans
by cbj11 December 31, 2013
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When one person sweet talks or verbally lures another person into a particular situation or action that he or she would not normally be in. A situation that only benefits the finesser.
“She has money but finessed me into paying for her food.”

“Having money, but crying to your friend that you are going through hardship, then getting them to offer you their money”
by NellyGk November 24, 2017
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