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A friend who's shit at keeping in touch - they appear and disappear at will/random.
- So have you seen Alan recently?
- No, no one has.
- He some kind of illusionist or something?
- Guess so.
by selmabouvier December 18, 2003
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Another class of magic-wielder who uses his gift to create illusions of great realisticity. Using such illusions, he can create a diversion, scare off attackers or to create a shadow being, which is not totally an illusion, but is a being made of shadow energy that is similar to a ghost.
Illusionist Rhonaii disappeared, but his illusions did not.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
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A Magician, One who tricks others for amusement or fame
Jesus was the greatest Illusionist of All-Time, He convinced millions of people that he was a god, by pulling a rabbit out of his hat.
by BATEMAN_000 December 30, 2007
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