pronounced STEFF-in, the baby-faced sharpshooter from Davidson College and the sickest basketball player ever
"Did you see that 30 foot shot made by Stephen Curry?"
"Of course... Curry is the spice of life"

"Who is the 8th grader who just scored against Gonzaga?"
"Why it's Stephen Curry! What a cutie pie!"
by bernarderageran December 19, 2008
A rookie in the National Basketball Assiciation playing for the Golden State Warriors and is thought to be one of the most pure shooters in the leauge.
Fan #1- Who just wet that three?
Fan #2 - Oh, that was Stephen Curry. That kid makes everything.
by tlamb11 February 15, 2010
An allstar NBA point guard on the Golden State Warriors. A godly shooter that makes other allstars shake their heads. Despite his super hero like shooting, he's extremely unselfish and in the top 5 in the league in assists. His career high in points is 54. Nobody has seen a 3-point shooter this smooth since Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in their primes. When I throw a balled up piece of paper in the trash, I say CURRY!
Did you see Stephen Curry go for 40 points and 8 assists yesterday?
by Ethan Randall November 15, 2014
The best frickin point guard for the Golden State Warriors! Wardell Stephen Curry the second was born on March 14, 1988 and enjoys playing basketball and golf. Steph is a very huge fan of Drake and have hung out with each other. He has a wife named Ayesha Curry and two beautiful daughters name Ryan and Riley. His teammates are Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Draymond Green. He has won two MVP awards and was the first ever unanimous MVP back in 2016. He has recently won an NBA Champion, with the Finals MVP, KD. Overall, he has officially won 2 NBA Finals and will definitely win more as long as he stays the same and works hard. He is an amazing clutch shooter, funny, and will soon be in the NBA Hall of Fame later on in the future.
Mike Breen: Curry, way downtown...BANG! BANG! Oh what a shot from Curry!!
Real fan/Bandwagon: Damn, Stephen Curry is clutch! Warrrriors
by pro3wheeler July 9, 2017
An NBA 3-point specialist with a few tricks, that tends to blow 3-1 leads.
When I overlooked my friend's handshake attempt, I felt like Stephen Curry.
by 1stevelation March 21, 2017
Have you ever seen god play basketball?

Yes, his name is Stephen Curry.
by he's god man February 28, 2016
1. (Noun) A 2-time MVP, but not as valuable in the Finals. 2-time Finals sidekick in 2015 and 2017 to Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant respectively. Bandwagon Warriors fans don't even know his first name. He tends to blow 3-1 leads, and gets carried by his other less valuable teammates. Has the 2nd largest contract in NBA history, only behind James Harden.
2. (Noun) A person who fails to do an important task when it matters most
3. (Verb) Synonymous to choke; to not do the designated task when it matters the most; to fail to execute when you have COMPLETE control of a situation
1. Stephen Curry is not the player he used to be after Kevin Durant joined his team.
2. You're a Stephen Curry for not giving me the paperwork on the deadline!
3. Damn! I Stephen Curry'd the date. It was going really well until I accidentally puked on her dress. Now, she hates me and won't even bother talking to me.
by Harden with Kawhi's D ;) August 24, 2017