Phrase referring to the ungodly evil plan to exterminate all Jews by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi pollitical party during WWII. Evolved between 1933 and 1941 as Hitler's political and military fortunes shifted, although Hitler himself made it clear in as early as 1924 that "it is necessary to rid Germany of all Jews."

Some accounts have Hitler and the Nazi party only wanting Jewish culture and it's beliefs removed from Germany, however it is commonly believed that he wanted them physically exterminated (dead).
Hitler wanted to administer the final solution to the Jewish population of Germany.
by ACG2x January 07, 2004
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For Adolf Hitler: To kill every European Jew.
For George W. Bush: To kill everyone in the Middle East.
Please don't have a Final Solution. Please, just don't.
by Dot See Ex July 22, 2004
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A final solution is where you shoot her in the face and then gas her. The guy shoots his load, then farts in her face. A tasteless reference to the German Final Solution to the "Jewish Problem".
I gave my first Jew a final solution and sent her packing.
by uncensored German September 19, 2010
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To Fart under the blankets and gas your girlfriend and the anal rape her to death.
Cathy pissed me off today, tonight I will give her the FINAL SOLUTION.
by Destructor82 December 04, 2014
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The proposal that has been put forward by some men to make all women sex slaves as a solution to the problem of being rejected by women before the women even kmow anything about them.
by Deep blue 2012 September 28, 2009
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Final-Cyber-Solution, Is the act of rage beyond the cage of cyberspace, going through great lengths to target and destroy someone or multiples persons social life, quoted as an offender of your personal,social or mental well being.
Girl2(girl1's friend): you should f.c.s her skank ass off the face of cyberspace!!!
Girl1: OH ITS FUCKONG DONE! HELLO "ISANYONEUP.COM"...that bitch is fried!, Fucking GNARGOYLE!
Girl2:its the fucking final-cyber-solution in this bitch!
by TheKingObscene July 12, 2011
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