Snapchat filters are created by Snapchat (hence the name) and used by Snapchat users in order to optimize the fun of using the popular mobile app. The hoe filter is one of the most popular filters, as it is frequently used by hoes (hence its name). The filter itself has an innocent design adding dog ears and tongue on the face of the individual placed in the center of the screen, e.g. a hoe posing with 'adorable' dog features.
Kyle: "So'up mate. I hear you are seeing a new girl!"
Matt: "Na. She might be a hoe..."
Kyle: "Well, how can you tell?"
Matt: "Yesterday she created a MyStory of her posing with The Hoe Filter for more than 60 seconds."
Kyle: "Oh she's that kind of girl..."
Matt: *sighs*

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by sugary April 7, 2016
The "hoe filter" is otherwise known as the dog filter on snapchat. Girls most commonly use it if they feel insecure about taking a selfie of just they're face.
Bro look at Tina! She's using the hoe filter again!
by Itreallyisaj August 11, 2016
A girl, who uses snapchat filters, makes bitchy faces and thinks it is super hot to post these pictures on social media...nur they definitely aren't. Lol.
Oh my gosh...she is such a filter hoe...look at her it looks like she wants to be f*cked in every hole.
by Julesjuicyjuice August 18, 2020