The act of having sex with a female,and before climax, pulling out and beginning a debate with the sexual partner.
A: "Bro I filibusted Serena last night. I almost came, then I asked her how she felt about Trump."

B: "Dude, you are the king of Filibusting."
by WittyProfileName January 9, 2018
noun: The name for a sex move when a man comes in a woman's mouth, and before she has a chance to swallow, he punches her in the tits causing his semen to exit out her nose. Generally preceded by "the" when used in speech.

transative verb: To subject to a filibuster.
You ever given a girl the Filibuster before?

I filibustered my girlfriend last night, that's why I need you to bail me out!
by Jacques Douchteau February 5, 2010
The meaning of filibuster is when you jam your dick in a girls vagina and then stay in it, not moving at all, and then he nuts inside her, just like he's peeing.
Mommy can I filibuster my girlfriend?
by Eyesonfire March 23, 2015
Turning on C-Span while having sex so that the guy can last longer. Similar to the baseball themed technique called the Big Papi.
I was having trouble not cumming so quickly, so I filibustered her for a few hours.
by nglshmn1023 February 25, 2012
The act of ejaculating in (filling ) a broken condom (a buster) during sexual intercourse.
Bill and Cindy had a filibuster, and now they have a kid.
by BowGus March 9, 2016
(v) the act of a man bursting open a herpes sac while performing intercorse with a woman who, most likely caused by whoredom, is infected with herpes
Man 1: Dude, did you get with Jessica last night?
Man 2: Cha, bro, but I think I filibustered that trick. She's fuckin' nasty.
Man 1: You might want to get that checked out.
Man 2: Yeah, prolly do...
by ScaryPoppins March 23, 2010
To play extremely long songs in the jukebox so that others may not play bad music.
Jim: I can't handle all this country music
Jason: Its all good I just jukebox filibustered with Pink Floyd
by The Achievers March 13, 2013