10 definitions by The Achievers

To delete many or even all past facebook posts in an effort to maintain a reasonable reputation
Jason: Yo you really think they're gonna hire you if they see your facebook page?
Jim: They wont find anything, I'm white walling that shit right now
by The Achievers March 5, 2013
A term used to describe a group of males who view their sexual accomplishments as "achievements." Originating in the greater Detroit Michigan area, a member of the achievers is commonly known to ask a female if she would "like to be achieved" instead of using traditional pickup lines.
Jay: Yo dawg you think shes ready for The Achievers?Jason: By the way she just looked over here I'd have to say yes, she would like to be achieved.
by The Achievers December 18, 2010
A slang term for very strong marijuana. The kacker is commonly known to make the smoker cough severely upon inhalation.
Senior: Hey you guys got the kacker!?
Kurt: Standard
by The Achievers January 27, 2013
When a person (usually a young female) becomes emotionally unstable and maniacally loses their temper on a regular basis, most often when debating on topics such as driving skills, hygiene and the glass ceiling.
Gal: Hey dude should I bring this hoe to coyotes with us?
Jim: I dont know man, not a good idea, I heard that bitch was snapshow crazy.
by The Achievers December 21, 2010
A term used to describe poor rock and roll music taste. Someone who is a fan of denny rock is generally a fan of shitty alternative bands such as Nickelback, Hinder and Default.
Matt: Hey dude do you think he would wanna go to the Foo Fighters concert with us?
Jim: Probably not man, that kid only listens to shitty ass denny rock.
by The Achievers December 18, 2010
To be high/intoxicated on Vicodin. A play on the term "Mic'd Up". And I'm not talking about taking those sissy 500mgs.
Jim: You wanna go to 5th tonight?
Jay: Yea lets get Viked Up.
by The Achievers December 13, 2011
A term used to describe a sent text message with no reply, usually in regards to the attempted courting of a female.
Jay: Yo did you text that broad?
Jason: Airball
by The Achievers February 21, 2013