Prevalent within death row inmates, a hands-free masturbation device made up of a dirty old sock, vaseline (or toothpaste, if not available) a toilet paper tube (if available), wedged firmly between a matress.
"Hey boy. Bend over. I'm 'bout to jack off with your asshole"
"Man fuck dat...yall needs ta be using yo FIFI, negga!"
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fifi is a latex glove wrapped by a small towell or sock inmates wrap the towell or sock. you can make your fifi tight to simulate a tight pussy by using rubberbands around the towell. insert some cream in the glove maybe some warm water. now just pretend your boning some fine ass chick and hurry before the guards bust you.oh and never use shampoo unless you want your penis to blow up and all your cell mates to laugh at you
fifi,latex glove,sock,towell,cream,tight, pussy
by tony d fresh September 3, 2007
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the nicest person on the fucking earth pls stfu if you think otherwise xx
y/n: omg your really nice!

but not as nice as fifi…
by heybestieslmfao November 4, 2021
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Any simulated vagina, homemade or commercial.
When I was in reform school, every guy would trade things to get the stuff to make a fifi.
by Mikel1777 August 30, 2006
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A derogatory Quebecois term for a homosexual male used during the 1960s and 1970s.
In the movie C.R.A.Z.Y, Zac's dad calls him a fifi.
by Mud dawg May 14, 2008
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Very attractive females, or a female whose physical qualities warrant increased heart activity - and often cause males to do ridiculous things
"Dude, lets go to the club over on Market St., mass Fifis are everywhere!"
by G.R.V. March 13, 2003
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Fifi is a quebec-french slang insult to mean "fag". Comes from the word from girl (fille)..which is said twice.
That dude on the other team just called me a fifi after i hit the home run.
by Rick V. March 6, 2005
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