Oprah's long lost sister that has a god like complex and hosts the ever popular reality show "America's Next Top Model." At times she remains sophisticated but if you watch her closely she will expose her ghettoness and start talking about her badonkadonk.
Tyra Banks: Now the picture will reveal who will become (suspenseful pause that causes models to pee in their pants) AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL
by Natalie K December 5, 2005
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Conceited, self-centered, self-absored African American supermodel with an extreme ghetto-licious side to her.


"You rollin' your eyes actin' like it's because you've heard it all before!"
Gurl, did you see Jenise just get bitched out by Latonya? She went Tyra Banks on her ass!
by Scarlet Renoux April 28, 2008
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Tyra looked hot at the VS angels runway show, but she reminds me of a black Britny Spears in her "America's Top Model" music video
by Meghan February 25, 2004
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Another name for the beer brand "Negra Modelo". It's based on the translation "black model".
Corona? Nah, brother pass me one of them Tyra Banks.
Stop by the liq and swoop up some Tyras.

by Tan Wilder March 5, 2008
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The host of America's Next Top Model, who is attractive, funny and outside of her fucking mind.
Tyra Banks "I was rooting for you...WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!!"
by Mister Pickle Bag March 9, 2006
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An American supermodel with lovely brown skin. Some may say that she has a big forehead but she is a gorgeous woman.
This white boy loves Tyra, Naomi, Foxy Brown, etc. etc. etc.

Have you ever seen her in one of those Victoria's Secret ads? She is fine! What the are you talking about "big forehead"?! Shut up!
by Paris A. January 19, 2004
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A loud, obnoxious person who often tries to act just like a stereotypical version of the race they're surrounded by

May or may not have a frighteningly large forehead.
Person 1: Did you see that Tyra Banks? She was talking ghetto slang to some black people, but started talking like a valley girl to a bunch of white folks

Person 2: I didn't notice. Couldn't stop staring at that fucking fivehead
by TRSX January 16, 2009
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