Pretty much, the definition (or at least me and my friends definition) of "fictosexual" is that you're more attached/attracted to a fictional character than an average human, but you're still open to a romantic relationship with an actual human in the future.
Guy: Hey you know Ari?
Girl: Yea! Isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: Yea, I heard she has a crush on this character "Damien Anderson" from a visual novel game.
by Lifeisasadness July 8, 2018
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Fictosexuality is the sexual attraction towards fictional characters.
Guy: hey, do you know Wendy?
Girl: isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: yeah, she has a crush on that guy L from death note
by LaW January 1, 2014
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a sexuality were you are attracted to only fictional characters wishing they were yours.
person: whats your sexuality?
you: fictosexual
by Athiebear October 4, 2020
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Your a weeb
"man im such a Fictosexual i just love my waifus
by Durrwin January 25, 2022
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Another pose for people who wants to be interesting..
"Hey, I'm a heterosexual 15yo but it's not cool enough and I decided to identify myself as fictosexual snowflake so I can join the LGBT now and talk about my coolness untill my puberty ends."
by BuffalosLilDoggie February 12, 2018
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The attraction towards fictional characters
Random person 1: hey have u heard abt notagamergirl (aka me)
Random person 2: yea
Random person 1: they are fictosexual
Random person 2: oh thats messed up
Me in the corner: sad noises
It isnt rlly talked abt fictosexual but if ppl heard of it they would probably confuse it with animesexual, which is another variation of fictosexual which for some reason isnt acepted
by Notagamergirl July 8, 2022
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