Pretty much, the definition (or at least me and my friends definition) of "fictosexual" is that you're more attached/attracted to a fictional character than an average human, but you're still open to a romantic relationship with an actual human in the future.
Guy: Hey you know Ari?
Girl: Yea! Isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: Yea, I heard she has a crush on this character "Damien Anderson" from a visual novel game.
by Lifeisasadness July 8, 2018
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Fictosexuality is the sexual attraction towards fictional characters.
Guy: hey, do you know Wendy?
Girl: isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: yeah, she has a crush on that guy L from death note
by LaW January 1, 2014
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Your a weeb
"man im such a Fictosexual i just love my waifus
by Durrwin January 25, 2022
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a sexuality were you are attracted to only fictional characters wishing they were yours.
person: whats your sexuality?
you: fictosexual
by Athiebear October 4, 2020
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Another pose for people who wants to be interesting..
"Hey, I'm a heterosexual 15yo but it's not cool enough and I decided to identify myself as fictosexual snowflake so I can join the LGBT now and talk about my coolness untill my puberty ends."
by BuffalosLilDoggie February 12, 2018
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