9 definitions by LaW

A 1337 Person, Was Born 1337 and Always 1337. A nazi, dreaming of taking over the world and burning his enemies in Auschwitz. Likes playing video games on his uber computer.
Look its the famous Entram!
by LaW October 29, 2004
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good and bad in both ways/awesome or very bad
That girl's legs look kablow.Yo that was kablow about jim losing his job.Hey check out this kablow game i got. Man i look so kablow.
by LaW July 12, 2003
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Someone who wears sunglasses at night. Comes from the X-Men cartoon, the word describes Cyclop's optical blast noise.
R.C. is the biggest beauzhit
by LaW April 12, 2005
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The art of being heavily intoicated - past the point of being mashup
Rah! That geezer's bishup!!
by LaW July 10, 2004
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I got well blackup off that draw last night...
by LaW July 10, 2004
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two niggas who grow up together like brothers and nobody can break them apart like a gang with only two niggas
Law and Duke are in a family gang 2deep
by LaW February 20, 2005
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