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You go girl!
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
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You Go Girl celebrates a person and anything special to them. It can be used to celebrate a recent accomplishment, or, to encourage someone in an upcoming event, goal or challenge.

You Go Girl can also be utilized as "You Go Guy."
"You Go Girl! Knock 'em dead!" (for an audition)
"You Go Girl!" (on attaining a recent promotion or getting a date with a guy you like)
by Pamela Hawley September 25, 2005
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Phrase of encouragement used by semi-fat chicks that attend an all-womens gym. (or eat Special K breakfast cereal)
An advertisement comes onto the television showing a group of semi-fat chicks laughing, mid-high five with the phrase "You Go Girl" - advertising an all womenโ€™s gym, where the cuddly women can feel comfortable.


A Special K advertisement showing a group overweight women on bicycles, laughing and encouraging each other to โ€œpush onโ€ โ€“ You Go Girl!
by Catfox March 15, 2009
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Network Television adaptation of gay/inner city jargon. While originally meant to be a "hip" way of telling a female friend that she has done the right thing, it has devolved into a moronic cliche used by idiots to sound hip, or by lampooners to underscore just how little respect the networks have for their viewers.
When she told her friends that she had just scored some food stamps the entire group shouted "You go girl!" and "So lets go buy some crack!"
by Not a Democrat April 16, 2003
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