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fevens are always the hottest girls. they have class and very high self esteem. many people will look up to a feven because they wish that they had such amazing swag. fevens are smart, witty and very clever. never under estimate a feven or it will come back and haunt you in your sleep. never mess with a feven!
yooo i really like this chick shes a real feven.

DAMNNN i got me a feven.

shes such a feven.
by pinkyandthebrain123 August 20, 2009
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A person bad at video games and usually Canadian.

Most likely a Newfoundlander or "Newfie"
Did you see that Fevens try to snipe on Star Wars Battlefront 2? He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
He must be blind! He just ran into a landmine again!
by Monster Joff February 26, 2010
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a girls name too describe a hot girl who will die virgin
all girls by the name feven, dont want to have sex just finger themselves
by seaweed123 June 05, 2013
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A person with accomplishments.
Wow. He's got a nice car, a house, a great job, and a hot wife. He's got to be a fevens.
by An overweight no-lifer November 27, 2009
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