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Combination of "fat" and "evan" describing a lazy peice of shit that often gets winded by standing up for extended periods of time.


Must drink gravy on a regular basis

Interrupts normal conversations with irrelevant stories that are often erroneous and have no basis in reality

Refuses to have sex with his girlfriend who also is disgusted by his obesity

Thinks that chocolate is a food group

Attends high school dances after they have graduated
Look at that Fevan daydreaming about food and manfucking while they should be working.

by Austin Hermsen March 28, 2009
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a beautiful, brave and confident woman. admires little things. sweet and kind. open and down for anything, says dope lot.
hey, have you seen fevan lately?

i miss you fevan

hows life fevan?
by derrick f. November 03, 2018
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