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Cash, scrilla, money, dinero, and/or federico.
Damn, that cat be makin that fetty.
by Mr. Mac December 25, 2004
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Money, Bread, Loot, Cash, Chedda, Skrilla, Guap, Skrillz, Bills, Stacks, Mulla, Racks, Dinero, Paper
"Yo bee I just dragged them dudes last night for mad fetty"

"You know I dont f*%k wit niqqaz fetty like that"
by OG Bezzle November 18, 2011
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A witty, personable, and seductive male figure. Often does well with the ladies. Someone who consitently gets injured during any type of strenuous activity. Mysterious and unreadable. Extremly masculine. A great friend to have.
"Ah Man, you got hurt again playing pulled a 'fetty'!"

by michelle jean September 11, 2007
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a big dick, hustlin' ass player that so happens to pimp hoes, and play the game how it goes.
"Who's that hopping outta the Infiniti with 2 bulges in his pants? Oh that Fetty!"
by Dosia Boy May 21, 2008
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Baseball term for pitchers.

Noun: A statistical win for the relief pitcher after the offense has gotten over their hangover, despite the performance of the starting pitcher.
Verb: To gain a win by a relief pitcher after a comeback.
The relief pitcher entered the game and got the win for his first fetty after a comeback by the offense.
The game was fettied by the closer, although the starter pitched a gem.
by naba8baseball September 10, 2013
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