A unicorn from EXOplanet which can heal all diseases if he shows his abs.
Person 1 : Did you watched the new EXO teaser?
Person 2 : Yeah.Lay was pretty hot.
by Laynister April 3, 2013
Swagg, dressgame, gear, style, clothes
Yo all my jawns got lay .

Greg where did you get your new lay from ?
by hefthegreat May 18, 2011
A Lay is a wonderful person. One who will care for you like no one else. He's the type of person who will check up on you daily to make sure you're taking good care of yourself. If you ever get to meet a Lay, keep him around!! Lay's are kind souls with the most beautiful smiles. Don't take this description as reason to assume Lay's are weak or soft though. Lay will be one of the strongest people you've ever met, and they'll stand up for their friends especially! Lay's are meant to be cherished and loved, so if you know a Lay, remember to remind them that they're absolutely fantastic.
Person X: "Hey have you met Lay yet?"
Person Y: "Yeah, they're vv swag; I think I'll try to befriend them!"
by k.aziar March 19, 2021
To have sex with a woman until she's too worn out to move.
I just gave her a good lay.
by William Armstrong August 8, 2003
Note: over time, this verb has lost any implications re positions and active/passive roles. Women can use it of men, though they seldom do. (e.g early Sidi Bou Said song in which female vocalist wonders "shall I lay him? I don't know..."
by su france June 2, 2005
To preform and finish a lay-up while someone is aggressively guarding you and or fouls you.

Usually used by pick-up basketball players.

"Ohhh,boy he just layed you"
by Just🤓yn May 10, 2016