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(noun) (1) a goof, a jerk-off, an idiot
(2) circular object protruding off a female's chest. Usually used for feeding babies and in foreplay (not necessarily in that order). Each boob has a nipple, the little pointy thing on the end that pops up like an erection when brushed, massaged, or touched with an ice cube (or an icy wind). The bra is the device required to support a pair of boobs. See A-cup B-cup C-cup D-cup E-cup well, you get the idea. If she is British, the nipples will sit much lower than the Japanese standard of 8" between collarbone and nipple. Sports bras are for A-cup women, who have nipples but no boob.

circular object protruding off a female's chest. Especially used for feeding babies and in foreplay.
On our first date, I didn't touch her. On our second date, I got to first base, I touched her boob. Next date, she met me naked at her front door and we fucked.
by Junior January 07, 2004

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bra for the boob size that typically won't fit in your mouth
Whoa, that's a large C-cup coming towards us, no, its a D.
by Junior January 05, 2004

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Something that satisfies your needs in a sexual way or in other words, the act of doing something that turns you on.
I got a fetish for being handcuffed to the bed while being sucked away by a girl.
by Junior August 07, 2003

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Bay area slang for an undermaintenanced vehicle. Also known as a hooptie. In gangster circles, buckets can also be rented by means of barter with crack cocaine or crystal methamphetamine. In this instance it is known as a "rent-a-bucket". Rent-a-buckets are primarily used in drive-by shootings and is usually a stolen vehicle. In the case of a stolen vehicle, the first part of this definition is is not strictly followed.
...we need to git that nigga tonight! Loc, you got a bucket?

Naw, nigga my cousin got one yesterday on rent. I told that nigga to ditch that shit but looks like you need it now.

He still got it?

Yeah, but chu gon' havta rent that shit fom HIM now.
by junior December 14, 2004

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Bastardization of feria, the spanish word for money. Bay area urban slang for money. Normally used in ghetto/gangster circles.
How you git so much fetti ain't got no job, nigga?

I slang that yay. Thot chu knew.
by junior December 15, 2004

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To use something excessively.
Will, you are abusing the definitions at urban dictionary.com
by Junior January 17, 2005

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Tha realist rapper out here holdin it down for TEXAS. Can't no muthafucker touch him.
Tha Greatest Rapper Alive
by Junior August 22, 2004

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