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Femplaining is a portmanteau of the words "female" and "complain". A term used to describe when a woman complains about an issue(s) that are trivial and rant about them as if they are legitimate issues when in actuality, they aren't.
Female Barista: I just saw a white guy wearing a shirt with Japanese characters on it. That is so offensive! He shouldn't wear it if he's not Japanese!

Boss: Yeah, yeah. Quit your femplaining and get back to work.

See: SJW
by Gladilay October 26, 2016
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The tendency of some women to mistakenly believe that what they are complaining about is an important issue and who, consequently, proceed to complain about things that are of no consequence in the long run and are not interesting in the short run.
Man A: When she started femplaining to me what it was like to have an annoying friend, I stayed and listened to her.

Man B: Really, what else could you do?
by LiterallyBrave January 20, 2012
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The tendency of radical feminists to complain about patriarchy, mistreatment, or any number of ridiculous and easily disproven topics.
You don't want to talk to Becky, since enrolling in gender studies her fem-plaining hasn't stopped.
by Kettlebell 78 May 12, 2018
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