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A term that generally makes no sense at all, used to describe a feeling of happiness or enjoyment. Can be used with an exclamation mark for added excitement.
Carlos: We're going to the movies with a really hot chick tonight.
Diego: Boy howdy!
by MrDinkleberry November 21, 2005
A phrase usually used by a guy to tell a girl that if another guy hurts her emotionally that he's there for her. Example: He will beat the living shit out of the other guy so that when his mother looks at him she says "Jesus fucking Mary doggystyle Christ what happened?" Most commonly used when a girl is going to get with another guy when the person saying this phrase has a crush on the girl.
Sally: I might go out with Johnny.
Mike: He breaks your heart I break his legs.
Mike: I'll break him so bad, when his mom looks at him she'll say "Jesus fucking Mary doggystyle Christ."
Sally: Wow you really mean that Mike?
Mike: Yup.
Sally: I might think twice about going out with that asshole Johnny now..
Mike's thought: oriighht
by MrDinkleberry November 6, 2005
A store in which candy is sold.
Tim: I'm hungry
Tom: Let's go get something to eat!
Tim: I only have 50 cents
Tom: It's ok, you could get something for that much at the candy shop down the street
Tim: Ok let's go
by MrDinkleberry November 8, 2005

Expression of happiness.

Can be used as a verb.
Carlos - yay

Lucy - what are we yaying about
by MrDinkleberry August 24, 2006
1. Possibly the most extreme, blasphomous term to use when one is surprised and/or outraged in the english language.
2. Used as a term to say something random but incomprehensible for a few seconds to the person the term is directed to.
Situation 1:

Somone busts into a room with an AK-47 and shoots the person right next to you.

Your response: Jesus fucking Mary doggystyle Christ!

Situation 2:

Johnny: Sooooo...
Mike: hmm....
Chris: yeah...
Johnny: wtf happened?
Mike: oh my stars
Chris: lollerpops
by MrDinkleberry November 21, 2005
A serious crime, usually gives the criminal more than one year in prison.
A man rapes a woman, gets charged with rape. Which gives him 3 years in prison. This is an example of a felony.
by MrDinkleberry November 8, 2005