(noun)A beautiful,graceful young mother. Independent, thoughtful, strong in her opinions. She's the kind of woman that only needs Love from another person. Loni is what every man wants in a partner , very easy on the eyes, full of energy, drive, and a hunger for life. She going places and she'll only take you with her if you can hold your own and keep up. She takes care of her self, and the stuff that has to get done. She does it her way and on her terms. She doesn't need any one to tell her what to do or how to do it. She is the strongest person I know, and the only woman that deserves true love and a truly loving family.
"As a woman my goal in life is to be a Loni"
"Every time life gets me down I think... I'm a Loni I can do this"
by LLLove2bwithU February 2, 2010
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A very good looking young man with a very enticing personality. He has a heart of gold and is always there for those who can’t stand up for themselves. He is very vey stubborn but always has good intentions.
Loni is really cool

Wish I could be loni

Loni is so sexy
by Tittle August 7, 2020
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A female who loves to express her inner wild child. Example: Loves to party and have a good time.
That chick is a totally Loni.

Watch out there's a Loni coming over here! Rawr~
by Bob Di March 18, 2009
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Loki is funny, and hot.
Loni is sexy.
by Cameron's A Hottie September 17, 2014
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This girl is very nice once you get to know her, but she can be very misleading to you or your feelings, she doesn’t understand someone’s feelings even when they explain it, she is some what loyal when she is in love, she puts herself first at all times, and doesn’t express herself in ways you’d like, I know she gets you mad but you always end up forgiving her because you love her and her personality is so attracting, she is deciding over this one boy, but might mislead his feelings and “cares” about him
“She broke up w me but 10 mins before she said she loved me forever”

Fuck man she is such a loni
by DeathGrimReaper101 October 29, 2019
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a girl who clings to another for personal gain, esp. without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite.
I can't go anywhere today because a loni exhausted my funds.
by alienations November 12, 2010
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1. She who kicks ass beyond belief.

2. The most incredible person you are ever likely to meet.

Beautiful beyond that of a goddess-like stature, possessing looks that literally can kill and makes the most divine and decadent siren look like someone who lives in a trashcan.

Sweeter than an industrial-size bathtub filled to the brim with English honey and melted lollipops.

More open-hearted than someone getting a ventricle or valve replaced on an operating table.

A woman who loves Doctor Who, vampires, Alice in Wonderland, big hugs and has (hopefully) a passing fancy in Batman.

An angelic soul. A role model. Someone truly worth giving it all for and then some. A marvellous, illuminating, precious individual, who warms your heart everytime you see her. Someone who always invokes the giddy, romantic, sentitmental side of you just by looking into your eyes. The very epitome of perfection.

The woman I love.
I love my Lonie, and that's why I wore these shoes.
by Dashiva January 11, 2009
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