When she smiled at me i knew she was feeling me
by Ed Rilla October 24, 2017
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Feel me is a term used to see if someone understands what you are talking about.
Example #1
Some guy: The absence evidence is not the evidence of absence, you feel me?

Another guy: Yeah.

Example #2
Some guy: The Matrix is a giant simulation made to enslave & trick mankind, you feel me?

Another guy: Yeah

by Craig Omark Monroe October 31, 2007
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A word belonging the lingo of Viviana. Another way of saying “You know what I’m saying?”
by Get off my dick fernando January 24, 2018
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Usually said after a statement to see if a person understands your perspective.
me-if y'all goin to say in here y'all got to sit ,chill and shut tha fucc up ya feel me
my friends-aight man we feel ya*chills and shuts tha fucc up*
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 18, 2004
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used to ask someone if they understand, to see if the comprehend, something usually asked when someone wants someone to empathize, also used to see if the agree with you
Lisa: Girl it is just so hard deeling with him i just wanna ugh! i dnt kno.. i still think he cheatin on me.

Asia: I doubt dat maybe he's jus busy

Lisa: Busy?.. Busy doin wat no one is dat busy all he has to do is call... U feel me

Asia: True
by talltink October 5, 2008
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