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A viviana is a Mexican girl. She's always hyper and fun to hang out with. She's easy to talk to. Gives advice depending on the situation. She love food. She is weird. She will do anything crazy with her friends or bestfriend. She has brown eyes, and wavy hair. She likes drama but never causes it. She's pretty even though she doesn't believe it. She will do anything. She's not shy. She's crazy in a good way. She's down to do anything. You don't want to see her bad side so don't mess with her. If you have a viviana then you're lucky
Person 1: damn that girl viviana she so fun to hang out

Person 2: I'm going to talk to her she seem nice
by HEY EVERYONE LOL April 11, 2015
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a Viviana is a young beautiful girl. She temps to be popular at school and is really nice. She can also fight really good. If your dating her your a really lucky guy, if you dump her she'll move on fast cause she dont fuck with you. Viviana loves all her friends and is really lit and funny. She gets into a lot of trouble in class by fooling around and distracting her table. Viviana is wonderful you should get yourself one.
Boy: Hey have you seen Viviana around?
Girl: Yeah! Shes so freaking pretty i wish i can be her friend.
by AwesomeGirl1214 March 05, 2017
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A viviana is a very funny and out going person. Shes not shy most of the time. She LOVES food. She is very crazy with her friends especially her bestfriend.She snorts alot but shes very funny. She is crazy but in the good way. She thinks she dosnt look gpod but she does. She makes up random words and gives people weird ass nicknames. She thinks she is stupid but she is smart. She may look innocent but drops F bombs left and right. You never want to mess with her when shes pissed off. Never mess with her or she will show you her really mean side. She had brown curly hair and brown eyes. She wants to dye her hair different colors. But what matters is she is a great person. If u have a viviana you are a licky Person
by Snorting16 May 17, 2017
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A very sweet, Mexican gal; She can be really shy at first but after dark, she becomes a wild one with extremely persistent comment about Poo and weird puns but is loved endlessly by everyone. SHE ALSO LOOKS LIKE A GODDAMN MODEL JEEZ
Person 1: Viviana's so shy!
Person 2: Nah, she a wild one, just wait till the moon comes out
by JJJeeSss October 07, 2017
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She is a sweet, exotic latin mami. A good woman to have in your life. Breathtakingly beautiful. Has long dark wavy hair. Amazingly smooth porcelain skin. Viviana is soft spoken but don't ever piss her off. She exudes sexiness but doesn't even know it. She always looks good in anything she is wearing but looks even better naked. A Viviana is always fun to be around. If you are dating a Viviana she will probably leave you and move on if she feels you are wasting her time. Guys and girls get along with Viviana. A Viviana likes to dance and be goofy when around friends but always looks serious when she is alone. One of the prettiest, sweetest, funniest, girl you could meet.
Friend: Hey Bro, I ran into Viviana the other day at the beach and daaaamn she was looking sexy as hell in her pink thong. Oh and by the way, she's all happily married and shit.

Ex-boyfriend: She really deserves someone better than me. Viviana is a good woman. I miss her.

guy: Hey did you see Viviana dancing salsa and then break dance at the party?

girl: Yeah, she was having fun actin' a fool with her friends.

Viviana: This guy was like "I just want to tell you how beautiful and attractive you are" and I was like "Really? Awww that is so sweet of you. Thank you".
by Dannyprez007 March 27, 2013
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viviana is a short girl very beautiful but does not think so. She is very sweet and is a strong person. she may not look like shes going through some stuff but she is. Always ask her hows shes doing or hows shes feeling, remind her everyday that shes beautiful and that she means alot too you. Viviana can be a very nice girl but dont get on her bad side because once you piss her off theres no way going back. And if shes your ex dont think shes gonna be stuck on you for ever shes gonna move on cause she dont have time to be with a piece of shit. Anyways viviana is nice just dont mess with her cause she well fuck you up,
danm its viviana she that one fine as hell chick
by bad btch March 03, 2019
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1.Not a lier always tells the truth and hates drama but never causes it.Super fun to hang out with.Always hyper.Very loveable and easy to talk to.A Viviana is defined as a person who hates hypocrites.
Friend:Are you going to the dance ,Viviana?
Viviana:"Of course i am!"
by doglover09876 August 30, 2008
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